The last 4 years of researching NAT Structuring Units have uncovered many wonderful discoveries. We offer everyone to test and let us know what you find.
Some were also experiential or empirical evidence as given to us through our distributors and customers. We or they have checked and confirmed most of these events as much as 12 times or more. Twelve confirmations gives us the initial beginning insights of possible statistical significance. Stay Structured!


  1. Water tastes better! Everyone who has bought one knows this!
    2. Neutralizes chlorine, flouride, and other (?) toxins found in water.
    3. Coffee tastes smoother.
    4. Neutralizes the tannins and processing toxins in the coffee beans.
    5. Orange, apple, and other juices have more flavor.
    6. Neutralizes pesticides or petrochemical fertilizers in fruits.
    7. Makes teas taste purer.
    8. Petrochemicals and processing toxins neutralized in herbs.
    9. Milk tastes sweeter.
    10. Hormones and antibiotics neutralized in milk.
    11. Beer tastes cleaner.
    12. Grain toxins (fertilizers, petrochemicals, and fungal toxins neutralized.
    13. Wines enjoy a new flavor burst.
    14. Neutralizes sulfites in wines.
    15. Whiskey, Tequila, and other liquers smooth out and taste cleaner.
    16. Neutralizes processing toxins in liquors. What in alcohol causes hangover?
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These tests were established through pulse testing and Applied
Kinesiology (AK)
17. Olive oil loses toxicity –
Olive Oil and others lose their toxicity and become non-toxic.
18. Motor Oil loses toxicities – Oil no longer registers as toxic as one structures the oil.

  1. Neutralizes Toxins – Dish soap and other household cleaning powders, paints and fluids lose their olfactory toxicity -the smell of dish soap or other chemical toxins no longer register as toxic to the body.
  1. Eases Chlorine Swimming Pool Water Effects – Water becomes less irritating to the eyes and skin. Many people have attained this awareness, as well as the feeling of greater energy, after swimming in structured water.
  2. Chlorinated tap water tests – Test expresses changes in chlorine levels, from 1 to 0. Manel in Cellers, Spain first helped with this test.