Saunas have be used the world over. I have been experimenting with Saunas for detoxing, Reducing Muscle Pain after exercise and lymphatic drainage. For my Clients in my clinic i have been able to see what the benefits are for a wider range of issues. Now here we look at seeing what you can have for your home. Instead of just having the best car or holiday and waiting for relaxation in you spa or weekend. Start looking after your body and mind in a different way reward it by cleaning out toxins, scar tissue caused by inflammation and damage from reduced energy in the cells not able to keep up repair from overload in the system.

If you need help in understanding what an Sunlighten Sauna can help with please contact me any time.

Most saunas can help with detoxing and sweating, but Sunlighten have gone further with 3 Red frequencies known to promote healing (Near, Medium, Far Infra Red) & Ultra low EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) as this can hinder energy as if this is high it creates a charge in the body that can create more health problem than resolve. If you can imagine static electricity build up and when it releases causes you a shock. Well it’s similar to this, as the EMF increases in an area close to the source we can see an interruption to the bodies natural electro magnetic flow causing information to be disrupted as organs, blood, minerals etc. all have charges and it can limit their ability to be productive. Many people have anecdotally noted that they feel better in a low or ultra low EMF sauna, its not the time always that they are in the sauna but after as they have found they have more energy and less fatigue.