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Injury Massage Clinic

Simon Cullen, Sports Injury Therapist (IMST ITEC Dip)

Simon has a passion for health, wellness and our ability to channel change. Using his skills and knowledge along with a detailed analysis to determine where he can help with the massage and rehabilitation. Simon incorporates patients medical history to understand the causes and works in finding solutions. A treatment plan will then be discussed with the client to determine how to work towards optimum health.

Massage is one of the most ancient forms of successful treatments as it has been found to work on the physical, psychological, energetical and spiritual body as it helps to resume it's natural flow of energy. Simon's belief is that we each have the tools to help ourselves and in using various therapies such as massage this helps to bring about homeostasis (body within balance).

Simon Cullen, Sports Injury Therapist (IMST ITEC Dip)

Simon is qualified in Holistic (Swedish) Massage, Sports Injury & Rehab Massage, along with Cranio Sacral techniques (CST1, CST2, SER1) to enhance the treatment in his practice.

Deep tissue Massage helps reduce unwanted tension, remove built up toxins and aid the removal of built up wastes to speed up healing and is an excellent stress reliever.

Sports Injury Massage is a specialised massage, reduce muscle spasm, reduce nerve tension, muscle & joint pain, helps correct posture and improve misalignments through out your body.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is extremely beneficial for people who are physically fatigued or chronically ill. It works synergistic with the ISHSKO Detoxification protocol by supporting the elimination routes (Lymph, Kidney, Liver). It benefits those who have not been able to exercise or have reduced mobility.


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