Energy Massage Clinic has developed over a number of years and has been able to reconignes that detoxing the body is a vital way to rejuvenate the system. Using a specific detox methods with a question platform that enables Simon to discover where you are at and which areas need to be improved. Simple but effective methods of Detoxing and Energising the body and mind:

  • Far Infra Red Saunas & Massage €70
  • Hot Mud Baths / Salt Baths € 20 (this is done in your own home with special MUD)
  • Avalon Low Level light therapy € 25 for 20 mins (or as part of a massage treatment)

These can help the body eliminate toxins stored in the fatty tissue in and around organs of the body. Allowing vital rejuvenation helps improve longevity and the ability of fighting disease.

  • Nutritional Consultations ( 40 mins €20) by phone or in person.

Simon has studied Nutrition and holds a Fetac Lv 5 Dip, Also a Raw Food & Vegeterian Chef and work in the restaurant industry for more that 10 years. Has studied food from a commercial and spiritual stand point and has spent the past 10 years on his own path of discovery helping many people change on the way.

Nutritional detail is given and Simon’s philosophy of food and nutrition is of understanding our relationship with food. Not looking at food with nutrition values that if I eat this it will give me good fats or mineral etc. More to the point he will start to show you how to look and appreciate food in a different way that of a more spiritual connection with your food and help you find your health back for the long term. Not only for you but this information is for your family and friends to help guide people onto a path that ultimately helps people take back their power over their health.

Every ripple in the water has an affect on the next…

Food should be exciting and fun and when we get the enthusiasm to want to eat healthy then it becomes a joy and that is the key. Love your Food Love your Body.